My first experience working with Dementia : An insightful journey !

The first two weeks of this year gave me the opportunity to observe and co-facilitate the rare kind of work that Samvedna Senior Care, located in Gurgaon, India, does in its Cognitive Wellness Programme. Culturally and contextually adapted from the evidence-based (Woods, Aguirre, Spector & Orrell, 2012) Cognitive Stimulation Therapy, what I found most remarkable about it is the philosophical paradigm used by the facilitators. Indeed it provides space for the participants to engage and be mentally stimulated, which has been found to delay the progression of dementia. However, it has an even more important aim: to improve their quality of life.

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Samvedna Senior Care turns 4!

2017-10-31-PHOTO-00000431I am happy to share with you that this month Samvedna Senior Care, has completed four years!!! Thank you all for your wishes.

I started Samvedna with the idea of creating a go-to place for senior citizens to spend quality time and engage themselves constructively during the day.

The idea was seeded into my mind probably in 2009, when I was looking for some meaningful community projects as a part of a self-development program I was doing. However, it remained an idea for some more time as I remained busy working my way up the corporate life. In 2011 on a sabbatical from work, I began to research more and more about senior citizen services and facilities and what the elderly needs were. Continue reading “Samvedna Senior Care turns 4!”