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Cognitive Wellness Programme

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Cognitive Wellness Programme

Samvedna's Cognitive Wellness Programme is designed for seniors with mild cognitive impairment, early dementia or Parkinson's, and elderly lacking in enthusiasm and motivation. The aim is to stimulate the mind of the elderly to slow the progression of the disease or impairment.

The programme comprises of a wide range of activities including mind stimulation and intellectual care, physical exercises, dance and music therapy and other interventions. These are group activities, conducted by qualified psychologists, specializing in geriatric issues. The sessions are from 11AM-1PM, Monday,Wednesday and Friday.

We do an initial assessment and interaction with your loved one with dementia, and then arrive at whether this program is suitable for them or not. We take in not more than 5 people per batch.

Venue : Samvedna Senior Care, G-7 Oriental Villas, Sushant Lok Phase III, Gurgaon, Sector - 57.

I used to work with Air India and have lived in many countries before finally moving back post retirement. Suddenly I found that after retiring I couldn’t pass my time. So my son, who lives in America, came and contacted Samvedna and got me to join Samvedna's senior centre. I am really enjoying it here, people are nice and they look after you very well.
- Mr Bhupender Singh Phool (Great Times Club)

I am from the corporate world, and am now retired. I came here to this senior centre to overcome my loneliness.
- Mr Deepak Basu (Great Times Club)

I was just raw and now I have learnt to work on a computer with more confidence after taking classes at Samvedna
- PC Rawat (Computer Classes at Great Times Club)

Your updates help a lot especially in a pattern with her mood changes. We took her to her doctor yesterday and he too recommended we keep her engaged and your sessions are helping a lot.
- Ongmu (Dementia Care)

Good to hear mum is recalling a lot of memories that she was earlier unable to articulate. She seems much more self aware now as well. Thanks
- Vijay Verghese (Dementia Care)