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Archana Gautam Sharma

Founder & Managing Director

After spending more than two decades in the software industry, Archana ventured into social entrepreneurship. Her vision is to create impactful and pioneering services, for senior citizens within the comfort of their homes and communities. She has been a result oriented professional with rich experience in managing complex problems for Fortune 500 clients. In her entrepreneurial journey she has been an alumni mentee of the Cherie Blaire Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs.


Suresh Kumar


Suresh is a seasoned IT leader with an MNC ,with over 25 years of experience in efficiently managing technology operations and delivering value to clients. Suresh has strong leadership skills, and is pragmatic, passionate, approachable and an effective team builder. Having lost his parents when they were in their early 60s, Suresh has a strong desire to reach out to seniors with quality care.


Debastuti Baruah


Debastuti Baruah is a post graduate in Clinical Psychology, and has done specialization in Gerontology from NISD, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. She has worked extensively in the field of Geriatric Care and Dementia, and has close to 5000 hours of Dementia Intervention experience. She has also published papers in various Geriatric and Dementia journals, and is a member of ARDSI, India.


Shezmin Jasani


Shezmin Jasani is a post graduate in Clinical Psychology and has done an MSc specialization in Dementia from United Kingdom. She has worked for more than 8000 hours with dementia patients across various socio-economic backgrounds. She has worked with Sangath NGO in Goa and other private sector organizations in the field of Dementia.