Samvedna Senior Care Foundation

Samvedna Senior Care Foundation

We work towards the cause of helping elderly from all strata of society in India to age actively and with dignity. We aim to:

  • Promote awareness about elderly health related issues
  • Empower elderly to use technology and remain socially active
  • Maintain autonomy and independence of elderly
  • Create awareness about dementia in society
  • Educate caregivers in dementia care
  • Support a person with dementia and their families

Senior Centres

Social stigma and lack of adequate infrastructure and support systems in India force senior citizens to live in their homes despite failing health and social withdrawal. Samvedna Senior Care Foundation has aimed to bridge this gap through setting up of senior centres. Our flagship senior centreRead more...

Dementia Awareness

Over 4.4 million people suffer from dementia in India, almost 1 in every 16 households has a Dementia patient. Only 10% of the cases are diagnosed for dementia in India.Read more...

Dementia Support Group

We conduct regular Dementia Support group meetings for caregivers to share their challenges and learn from experiences of other group members. The meetings are chaired by our experts, a typical support group meeting includes discussion on challenging behaviours faced by the caregiversRead more...

Dementia Support Group

Our trained Care Specialists provide counseling to family members on how to cope with dementia and we also conduct trainings for caregivers at our centre for this purpose. Our Dementia Support group meets once a month to help families cope with the challenges faced by their loved ones.Read more...

Our donors

A big thank you to our donors. Your support helps senior citizens receive much needed services that support active ageing and give them happy and bright silver years!



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Rakesh Kumar
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Samvedna Senior Care Foundation
Samvedna Senior Care Foundation
Samvedna Senior Care Foundation
Samvedna Senior Care Foundation
Samvedna Senior Care Foundation
Samvedna Senior Care Foundation

Workshops & Events

We conduct workshops and outings throughout the year to promote healthy and active aging. We get experts in their fields to conduct these workshops. In 2016 we organized over 40 workshops for close to 1000 senior citizens.Read more...