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Caregiver Training and Counselling


  • All Donations to Samvedna Senior Care Foundation are 50% Tax Exempt under section 80G of IT Act, 1961.
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Caregiver Training and Counselling

By the year 2050 the number of dementia patients is expected to triple - longevity, urbanization, lack of support structures, and lack of trained caregivers will pose a huge challenge in the coming years unless we build and strengthen systems now.

In order to address this huge treatment gap, Samvedna Senior Care Foundation has developed dementia care training modules to skill personnel in quality dementia care. These programs also help improve employability for the youth seeking caregiving as a profession. These training programmes are conducted for professional caregivers and family caregivers.

The training provides information about dementia and addresses ways to deal with challenging behaviour, personal care for the patient and other soft skills needed for caregiving. The training program includes audio visual aids, presentations, role plays and lectures. The training duration varies from 3-5 days. The trainings are conducted by experts in dementia care from Samvedna Senior Care.

We also address caregiver stress and help family caregivers and professionals maintain their own emotional and mental wellbeing while taking care of the person with dementia. It is essential to make the caregiving experience more rewarding and avoid burn out. These sessions also aim to empower the caregiver with tips and techniques to manage care for a Dementia patient. This includes communication, management of activities of daily living and difficult behaviours to improve quality of life of the elderly with Dementia.

To know more about attending a caregiver training or sponsoring a caregiver training program, please write to us at or donate here

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All Donations to Samvedna Senior Care Foundation are 50% Tax Exempt under section 80G of IT Act, 1961.

I had some knowledge about Dementia, …but after coming here and attending the training I have got a practical experience and better awareness about what to do with a person with Dementia. I liked the role plays and videos shown to us. I understood how to deal with aggression in Dementia, distraction techniques.. and sun downing symptoms, reassurance.
– Deepti Ranjan, Caregiver, Caregiver Training, Samvedna Senior Care Foundation