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We thank you for your interest in volunteering with Samvedna Senior Care. Volunteering for senior citizens is a noble idea requiring tremendous patience and resilience.

At the same time volunteering with elderlies can very rewarding personally. Elderly have a treasure of memories and experiences that they wait to share with others. They’ve helped make us everything we are today. So just imagine how many valuable stories, lessons and experiences our elders can share with us. When we spend time volunteering with seniors, we benefit just as much as they do—and we can learn a lot too!

  • Meaningful engagement of time and making a difference in somebody’s life
  • Opportunity for self-development in understanding elderly behavior and improving your own relationships
  • Life enrichment through experience sharing
  • Personality development, confidence building
  • Gainful employment with Samvedna Senior Care or other elderly organizations
  • Certification of appreciation and recommendation from Samvedna Senior Care

Interacting with elderly is an art and requires fair amount of training and personality traits to be successful in your desire to be of help to elderly. We value our volunteers as much as our employees and hence our volunteer program is designed for people who are looking at serious commitment of time and energy even if it is for one hour a week. Security of our volunteers and the elderly they visit is of primary importance to us.

Volunteer at our Senior Club in Gurgaon

Our senior club in Gurgaon is a social and recreational hub for elderly to spend quality time. Our members come here regularly or for workshops and events. Volunteers can teach elderly computers, music, dance, yoga or spend time in their company playing cards, scrabble, table tennis or other board games. Volunteers can also commit to conducting 2-3 day technology workshops for seniors.

Volunteer for Companionship Services

Our home based companionship services require volunteers to visit elderly at home and spend quality time with them while ensuring their general well-being. During these visits they could teach them technology or play some games or have good intellectual conversations. This could also involve running a small errand or coordinating some tasks or services for the elderly.

All volunteer applications will be screened and shortlisted. The shortlisted candidates will be called in for in person meeting to determine fitment and eligibility. These meetings will be held on 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month with prior appointment.

  • Patience, well versed, soft spoken
  • Creative, knowledge base
  • Special experience or hobbies
  • Computer literate
  • Age Group : 21 - 65

All volunteers have to go through a two full day training program at our office in Gurgaon. This training program is held once in every two months on a 2nd Saturday & Sunday. The training program is compulsory to be able to volunteer with us. The training will be conducted by psychologist, gerontologist, soft skills counsellors and doctors to help understand elderly issues.

Training Fees

In order to create a professional volunteer service, we would require each volunteer to commit Rs. 10000/- towards training and other costs to the Samvedna Care Foundation. 75% of this training fee will be returned back to the volunteer as per our Honorarium scheme.

Volunteer timings

A volunteer must honor his/her commitment to time as they would for any other work commitments. Since we are dealing with elderly it is important to honor the commitments as we would not want them to be emotionally challenged by no shows.

Honorarium to Volunteers

  • Our volunteers will be given travel allowance for visiting the elderly.
  • Once a volunteer completes minimum of 2 hours per week for three months of volunteer time, he/ she is refunded 20% of the training fee.
  • After completion of 2 hours per week for six months of volunteer time, the volunteer gets 30% of the training fee back.
  • After completion of one year of volunteering or completing of 100 hours of volunteer work the volunteer gets an additional 35% of the volunteer fee back. He/she can then work on Samvedna Senior Care rolls as a free-lancer.

Volunteer Shadowing

Once the volunteer training program is successfully completed, each volunteer has to commit 4 hours at our senior centre over a period of one month and participate in two shadow visits with our staff.

You are ready to go independently as a volunteer !

Once the shadowing process is over, you are a certified Samvedna Senior Care volunteer. You will be then deputed to volunteer as per your preference of days, timings and location.

Apply here

I used to work with Air India and have lived in many countries before finally moving back post retirement. Suddenly I found that after retiring I couldn’t pass my time. So my son, who lives in America, came and contacted Samvedna and got me to join Samvedna's senior centre. I am really enjoying it here, people are nice and they look after you very well.
- Mr Bhupender Singh Phool (Great Times Club)

I am from the corporate world, and am now retired. I came here to this senior centre to overcome my loneliness.
- Mr Deepak Basu (Great Times Club)

I was just raw and now I have learnt to work on a computer with more confidence after taking classes at Samvedna
- PC Rawat (Computer Classes at Great Times Club)

Your updates help a lot especially in a pattern with her mood changes. We took her to her doctor yesterday and he too recommended we keep her engaged and your sessions are helping a lot.
- Ongmu (Dementia Care)

Good to hear mum is recalling a lot of memories that she was earlier unable to articulate. She seems much more self aware now as well. Thanks
- Vijay Verghese (Dementia Care)