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Every age is enjoyable if one has a few good friends, a passion and a sense of purpose. We have seen that often when people reach a certain age they take a backseat and stop living life fully. With our senior centres we aim to make people live their later years with enthusiasm and purpose!

Our senior centres are social, health and recreational hubs for members 55 years and above. Each centre is a place where members can socialise, share experiences, get fit and also give back to the community.

Activities at the club include health and doctor's talks, technology learning, recreation like dance, music, board games and movies and community outreach.

Great Times Club: Our flagship centre in Gurgaon, called Great Times Club has been serving seniors since 2013. We often see our elderly members form bridge, cards and carom groups and meet at a pre-decided time to enjoy these games together! We plan to open more such centres in Delhi NCR soon.

  • Timings: Monday-Friday, 11AM-2PM
  • Membership charges: Rs 7000 for a quarter (3 months)
  • Address: Great Times Club, G-7 Oriental Villas, Sushant Lok III, Sector 57, Gurgaon
  • Contact: 9818421446, 0124-4229659

Senior Enrichment Programmes at Great Times Club, Gurgaon

Our senior enrichment programmes give seniors an opportunity to explore their interests and expand their horizons. Here are the programmes we offer:

Programmes Benefits Duration and contribution
Music Therapy View 4 classes a month (1 class per week)
  1. Members: 400
  2. Non members: 600
Dance Therapy View 4 classes a month (1 class per week)
  1. Members: 400
  2. Non members: 600
Art Therapy View 4 classes a month (1 class per week)
  1. Members: 400
  2. Non members: 600
YOGA Classes View 12 classes a month (3 classes per week)
  1. Members: 400
  2. Non members: 1200
Computer Classes View 12 classes a month (3 classes per week)
  1. Members: 1500
  2. Non members: 3000
Dementia Support Group Meetings View Once a month
  1. Members: NA
  2. Non members: NA
Dementia Counselling for underprivileged View 1.5 hours
  1. Members: NA
  2. Non members: NA

The venture that the Founders have undertaken is indeed a noble and commendable one. There is a lot of affection, compassion and a sense of caring and love for the senior citizens. In the centre, senior citizens from different walks of life and different strata of our society are able to come together under a common roof and a common platform and to interact with each other, to indulge themselves in various activities and hobbies of personal and common interest. All at the Centre are full of zest, zeal and commitment.

Now if I get the whole world, it does not matter, for now I say, I wish I would have found "Samvedna Activity Centre" a lot before. Anyway, better late than never - the consolation mantra. Wandering lifelessly but now I have found the purpose of my life with a big broad smile altogether in one basket. The loving welcome with sweet scented words and smiles enter into my lonely heart turning it into a bouquet of multi-hued flowers, all dancing with elation taking me up above into the blue horizon. With all my love and blessings forever.

I used to work with Air India and have lived in many countries before finally moving back post retirement. Suddenly I found that after retiring I couldn’t pass my time. So my son, who lives in America, came and contacted Samvedna and got me to join Samvedna's senior centre. I am really enjoying it here, people are nice and they look after you very well.
- Mr Bhupender Singh Phool

I am from the corporate world, and am now retired. I came here to this senior centre to overcome my loneliness.
- Mr Deepak Basu

I worked as a special educator in Chennai and have now moved here…My husband and I thought we must learn how to use a smartphone or we will be outdated and cut off from the world!
- Ms Nandita Ahluwalia

When I heard about Samvedna from Archana, I thought I didn’t need any retirement help as I was pretty active. But once I came here, I saw things happening here that were attractive to me. At the senior centre they don’t treat you like a “senior citizen” per se. You don’t sit around and look at each other. There is always some activity or the other happening at the club, like a debate or quiz or a musical programme or spanish classes. So its exciting for me!
- Mr Partha Basu