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Research Initiatives

We actively engage with academia and seek collaborations with organizations carrying out research with the elderly in areas of active aging and dementia.

Since 2017, we have been associated with Heidelberg University, Germany. As part of the ongoing DAAD initiative - New directions in Active Ageing and Age Friendly Cultures in India and Germany, Samvedna has hosted PhD scholars from Institute of Gerontology, Heidelberg University, Germany and Jawaharlal Lal Nehru University, New Delhi for workshops on ageing related issues. We have participated in workshops on Caring Relations, Caring for Ageing organized by Heidelberg University to share experiences of working with elderly in India. Our experts have moderated discussions at film screening festivals- Film festival for Generations, , hosted by DAAD, where films related to various themes on ageing and dementia were screened.

As part of our continued collaboration to build awareness about ageing related issues, this year, we will be hosting a film screening as part of the 2nd Film Festival for Generations at Samvedna.

We have also presented our work on interventions with dementia and our training programs at national and international conferences hosted by Alzheimer’s Related Disorders Society of India and Alzheimer’s Association International, USA.

We also have ongoing projects working at strengthening dementia care at a community level.

We are keen to collaborate with organizations working in geriatric health.

If you are interested in associating with us please write to us at or click here