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  • All Donations to Samvedna Senior Care Foundation are 50% Tax Exempt under section 80G of IT Act, 1961.
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Digital Literacy

We actively conduct workshops to empower seniors by training them in technology through use of smart phones and internet applications.

We conduct these workshops in association with RWAs, SCAs and other NGOs like Help Age India. These workshops have an open participation format and are held across locations in Delhi NCR, including Samvedna’s Senior Centre in Gurgaon

Digital trainers facilitate each workshop in a non-judgmental and positive environment. The language of workshop is chosen based on comfort of audience – Hindi/English. The flow of workshop is managed as per seniors' comfort in grasping. We are flexible in deciding the level of detail for a topic according to the need of the group, and address both individual and group queries.

The average age group of senior citizens attending the program is 70 years. 70% of them are men and 30% women. The socio economic background of the participants for these workshops is widespread - urban lower income, middle class and affluent sections. They comprise of retirees from GOI, teachers, engineers, doctors, home makers and businessmen. Most of them have smartphones or tablets but don't know how to use them.

Impact of digital literacy workshops

Between 2014 – 2019, we have conducted 50 workshops across Delhi NCR with an average of 15-25 participants per session, between the ages 55 to 92. These workshops have empowered senior citizens to express their thoughts, combat loneliness, be independent.

During follow up sessions, participants reported several benefits :

  • Improved communication with friends and family using social media
  • Increased comfort with online transactions for banking and shopping
  • Increased confidence and independence by using apps for medication reminders
  • Increased mobility by using apps for booking cabs/doctor appointments
  • Increased confidence whilst traveling by using Google maps

To know more about sponsoring a Digital Literacy Program in your locality, please write to us at or donate here

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All Donations to Samvedna Senior Care Foundation are 50% Tax Exempt under section 80G of IT Act, 1961.

It was an excellent presentation by Samvedna. Team classified many of our doubts with lots of patience. It was a very nice and educative program for senior citizens who need such support and regular intervals.
- Mr. S L Watwani (Senior Citizen at Library cum Recreational Centre, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi)

Methodology of teaching and way of explaining was excellent and trainers were very dedicated people. Good wishes to all of them.
- Abhay Kumar (Senior Citizen Association, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi)

This workshop is highly appreciated by all senior citizens. Attended by 19 senior citizens. All questions raised by participants were suitably replied. We hope the organization will continue to arrange such workshops in future.
– Ratan Lal (President, Senior Citizen Association, Yamuna Vihar, New Delhi)